L inks

Anna Møller jaktgaleas owned by Danish Nationalmuseum, the ship we have as a pattern!

Skibslauget Anna Møller more about Anna Møller, pictures, operation and more.

Skibsbevaringsfonden Danish ship preservation with links to supported Danish ships.

Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter Norwegian ship preservation.

European Ship Preservation Database articles on traditional preservation, materials etc.

Statens maritima museerthe Swedish maritime museums.

Sveriges segelfartygsförening Swedish assoc. of sailing ships. Links to member ships.

Beckholmens Dockförening the drydocks of Stockholm, run by the sail ship association.

Traeskibs sammenslutningen Danish assoc. of sail ships. Links to many member ships.

Claessons Trätjära AB whatever you might need in traditional materials, tar, paint etc

Velkommen til Engholm A/S a really good ship chandler in Copenhagen.

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